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Estrusione profili plastici

Sectors of application

Our production meets both quality and performance requirements in many sectors:



For the furniture sector we produce profiles aimed for rifining the edges of furniture and corners as well as its components such as doors, drawers, mirrors, etc.

Our range includes the right solution for every location (home, office, and hotel), room (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom), material and style.


LED lighting

Today LED technology lighting is widespread, in different fields and different ways of installation: built into walls and furniture or inserted in supports of different types.

CTM is ready to meet all the requirements of this sector with a range of specially designed profiles.


Cruise ship interiors

For the nautical sector we offer a selection of high level profiles , which combines aesthetic quality with resistance to humidty and salty air, critical factors when speaking of ships furnishings.


Motor home interiors

CTM is proud of having conceived and produced, for motor home interior design, the profiles used today by the main European motor home manufacturers, thanks to its perfect union of appearance and performance when held in place with screws.

Thermoplastic extrusion

We make the extrusion of several thermoplastic materials, which we can enrich with additives in order to give the product special features.

We also produce co-extruded profiles with different materials or with a metal coating..

Highly professional

CTM means not only product quality, but also customer service

We are commited to research, development, design, and consulting to service our customers’ requirements.