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The materials

The choice of material  is of fundamental  importance for  the realization  of the projec .  CTM  is therefore able  to better support the customer  in selecting the best  material  to use for each  specific project.

The  depth of knowledge and  experience  allow  the company to  be able to  extrude  many  plastics such as :

ABS  acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene
PET  polyethylene terephthalate
CAP  vinegar  proprionato  cellulose
PMMA  polymethylmethacrylate
EVA  ethylene  Capolimero  venilacetato
PP  polypropylene
PA  Polyamide - Nylon
PS polystyrene -polystyrene
PC  polycarbonate
PVC  polyvinyl chloride
PBT  polybutylene
PVCE  polyvinyl chloride  foam
PE  polyethylene
PUR  polyurethane
SEBS  thermoplastic rubber
POM - POM - polyacetals  polyformaldehyde

Extrusions  are  on average more than  9,000,000  linear feet  per year , consuming  450,000  pounds of  plastics  a year.   CTM serves more than  200  national and international active customers.

Furthermore , to solve  the specific needs  of the customer,  are added  to the raw material  base  special additives  to ensure greater  heat resistance,  bacterial action  or  to sunlight , as well as  to increase the power  Anti shock and  limit the effect  splinters.

CTM   meets  a high standard of  quality through appropriate  controls along  the entire  supply chain  and  through careful  and rigorous quality  controls  during the manufacturing process  is  selected  in a  search for  reliable suppliers  of raw materials  and certificates

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