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Co-extruded profiles

Working on thermoplastic materials for 40 years,  CTM acquired  knowledge  and know -how  to extrude  many  types of plastic for various  types  of application.

In  particular  CTM  is not only  able  to develop  new  ideas  that allow you to  create  profiles on  the customer's design ,  but also  to get  access  to new areas and  in  new  markets.

M any  solutions are offered  to the  realization of co - extruded  profiles , using  various  materials  and the  realization  of  sought- metallic  coatings  or  other  materials that  make it  unique.

Thanks  to qualified personnel  ( mostly  working in CTM   decades )  CT can provide improved solutions  to simplify the  project and ensure  the functionality  on one side  and  the other  major  benefits in economic terms.

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